Homelessness hurts…

Living life for many is not easy. I remember growing up in a home without a father to take care of us. My mother left my father because he was getting into trouble with the law. He was the son of a Fire Chief and had three brothers who were Police Officers. How could he be on the other side of the law? There are many questions  that I still don’t have answers to. After his father died  of a heart attack, he began to go down hill. My mother was raising four children on her own at a very young age. The lifestyle that my father lived led him into years of  incarceration. His family had no more to do with him. Except his mother; of course. Mother’s carry the heavy loads on their hearts. Growing up as I did, brought me to many places throughout the years. We moved about three times each year. The fact that my mother struggled, was clear in our homelessness.  When I think of how blessed I am to have a husband who is a great provider, I remember how in the Word it speaks of how we love Christ because he first loved us. Giving His life for us, so that we can have eternal life. (John-3:16) Recently, my daughter told me of a young women who has become homeless. She has four children to raise. Family has tried to give but they too are struggling to survive. This family goes from one place to another every few days, because the shelter if full and there is no housing available. I researched and found a few ministries that give help for people in  need. I know first hand how it is to be homeless as a child. Women who are alone, hurting and just trying to survive need our help so they too can experience Christ’s love and compassion. They too need to live a full life. Homelessness hurts…

Share the love of Christ .Pray about what we can do to help those in need., and do it.

God Bless,



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