Speak to me mommy….

This poem is for the mother’s of precious little children who are blind….

Speak to me mommy…, so I can hear all the beautiful colors of this vibrant world. When I hear your soft sweet voice I feel the blue sky become bluer, and the green grass suddenly becomes alive with all the busy buzzing bugs and wiggly little worms that shake the earth!

Speak to me…, mommy so I can hear the love in your words. The love that can give me a vision of the love sent from heaven.

I hear you mommy…, I feel your touch, so gentle and secure. You are my eyes, my ears and my guide. Take my little hand, mommy and let me feel your eyes, your nose, your mouth and your ears and let me smell your hair… mommy so that I know you are near. ..

Tell me mommy…, what everything is, so I can grow and learn. I feel the sounds and smell the world all around me…1, 2, 3, they speak to me!

Mommy…, don’t you worry, Jesus shows me all that other people can not even see. I see the visions of happy thoughts, mommy, so don’t you worry, I know there is such a special calling in my life…, although I’m- oh, so little…, I am here to touch the hearts of many people…

Jesus is oh-so close to me….

So mommy…, let me grow…, watch me as I learn and hear the world all around me… And mommy, I sure do love music, the kind that brings peace and quiet when I ‘m tired. ..

The kind that gets my mind imagining… as I play in my crib and makes me smile as I hear the sounds of laughter….

The kind of music that opens the windows of heaven…,  The kind of music that will open the windows of heaven and rain down  all the wonderful blessings… to my Mommy, Daddy and me.

Your precious baby will learn all of the secrets of heaven…


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