Using wisdom

My blog is based on my strong christian convictions and much of my writing is about family matters .  Living in the 21st century brings many controversial issues our way.

Although, we are in this world, we are not of this world; we must be a light shining in darkness for all to see.  Although, many of Americas has strayed away from its Biblical foundation, we as parents and Christian educators are responsible for teaching  our children to honor God and our country. When teaching children about issues that include death, fear, and serious issues, it should be done in a way that takes the age of the child into consideration. Talking about “the end of the world” is not a subject that needs to be spoken in front of a young child. Even when you are teaching teens, one must use wisdom when talking about issues that instill unhealthy fear. First, a young child must know that God loves them unconditionally. The issues of the political arena or of sinful attitudes need to left to the adults to handle.

Just how do we teach our children about the horrible attacks of terrorists? Many parents are struggling with what or how they should explain the events that took place ten years ago. Children are being exposed to so much violence and mature subject by the media. Parents should be monitoring what their child is watching on television. Many children are viewing graphic pictures on the magazines and newspapers and their minds are full of questions. Some ask “Is it going to be the end of the world?”

Bucks County Pennsylvania has taken this job very seriously and the Garden of Reflection 9-11 Memorial in Yardley Pennsylvania can be visited by families who want to teach their children about 9/11 and the importance of honoring those who died on September 11, 2001.

 Children need to be children, and they should not have to handle adult issues. Teaching children should be age appropriate. Parents can start teaching children about politics and the differences of political views, as they grow and mature. The parent can focus on the positive aspects of America’s beliefs in democracy and freedom. Instilling a pride of being an American can, and should be taught to our children. America’s children should grow up having a strong conviction that America is the land of the free and that when we sing God Bless America– it is a statement of faith, not just words of a song.

The important thing for parents to remember is to teach children with reassurance and use age appropriate explanations. America’s children are of many cultures and religions. Teaching them about freedom and democracy is a global responsibility that can‘t be ignored. Some of our youth will be responsible for serving in the military or become our political leaders. Teaching them about our country and its beliefs is important, but has to be done gradually and with much wisdom on the parents’ part.

Parents have the responsibility to answer any questions that their child may ask. But answering those questions should be answered according to the child’s age and their ability to handle your answer. A parent who is trying to explain 9/11 to a 5 year old can say that a bad thing happened and it was a horrible thing what these bad people did. But as parents tell their child about the horrible things that happened on 9/11, they must also reassure their child that the government has since then strengthened America’s security and is doing a good job at keeping us safe. The explanation can be given with reassurance of their safety. Their reassurance of being safe is essential. Parents should always remember that they can teach their children about terrorism without instilling an unhealthy fear in them.



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